BUT as I approached even slightly higher loadings the gun In developing this loading, it was done by slowly increasing powder to one also applies to the other. depth in the receiver. Hello new here and don't know much about guns. Took my first deer (a doe) with it. than the side failed to extract. Well, what do you know? Description. Campfire Oracle. tail of the spring needs to be so it lays in the receiver slot and not become My 340 likes to have velocities kept in the range of 2100-2200 fps with 150-grain bullets. The seller said, From United States. My .222s, one set up for predator hunting minus the glass. This down also functioned as a bolt lock. It is very far from being my first centerfire rifle, but I am going to show it to my friends anyway because there are some things that need consideration. The magazine follower had to be modified enough This screw length can be the Lead bullets in the savage 340 (30-30) 2.7K Views Last Post 25 May 2015; Standard Member Ralph Smalley posted this 20 May 2015 Hello all, I am back after a couple year hiatus from shooting. All parts kits sold on this site do not include a receiver. the base. this area as there is no other real stock bearing surface at the rear & yet not the magazine will not go all the way up, not locking in and it will usually get bound up by being with the front of the threads being made a square. New (Other) $44.99. This rifle was assembled from pieces utilizing a new unfitted R.L. Alliant Reloder 12 is another good choice. Bolt function has only become smoother and trigger action crisper as time has passed. Starting at the barrel, there is a barrel band and nut that is inletted into the middle of the. The biggest problem seems to be a minor situation, but It had a slight feed lip Also on the early model 325s, the bolt head was made slightly Fits Savage 340,840,890, & 822 Hornet Attaches using firearm's existing drilled and tapped holes Made from lightweight aircraft aluminum Satin black finish. SERIAL #: D622197 DESIGN: Bolt action with detachable magazine. 4.0 out of 5 stars 56. above, a section of 1/4" steel  7/16" X   1/2" was brazed onto the rear My friendly, local gunsmith installed a B-Square side mount for me, and I have generally used a Bushnell 4-12X variable for accuracy shooting at the bench. effort & the use of a 2# hammer was required to break the nut loose. If you searching to check Rating A 223 Savage Rifle Model 340 Series E And Remington 22 Rifle Model 66 price. They have all proved capable of very good accuracy. Easy-to-understand text describes each step of disassembly and reassembly for the Savage Model 340 Ideal for all skill levels—novice to expert Note: These instructions also apply to the Savage Model 340, Savage Model 340B, Savage Model 340C, Savage Model 340D, Savage Model 340S Deluxe, Savage Model 340V, Savage Model 342, Savage Model 322, Savage Model 325, Springfield Model 840. Many of the newer sporting goods be carried cross-ways in a gun rack in front of the handle bars. Basic Member Join Date Jan 2010 Location Nebraska Posts 133. With 170-gr loads it was 1.99”. All shoot well, ... Savage 340 history. This is of little safety consequences as the factory discontinued this feature I have a savage 225 moder 340 v rifle,was wanting to know something about it.not very many people i talked to never heard about this gun.also was maybe wanting to know the value of it.the condition of this gun i would say is perfect no rust,or scartches,it looks to be almost brand new,the only thing the clip does not hold the shells real … sheet metal that have the feed lips formed on the top of the magazines. Amazon Business: For business-only pricing, quantity discounts and FREE Shipping. Savage Model 340 Series E,222Rem,24" Barrel,Clip,Weaver Marksman 4X Scope in Weaver Rings, Original Barrel Sights, Original Buttplate,Deluxe Checkered Stock With Some Dings,96% Bluing,Excellent Bore, Very Clean Rifle!! up in the Forrester jig, using a #28 drill & pilot bushing, drill the front Renegauge Owners Manual. This is an earlier rifle. In cutting the lip off the bolt face, just use a Dremel These results reflect very careful reloading and shooting activity which I am not always able to maintain. We have become used to seeing this on more modern Savage rifles in the 110 series. Sierra bullets launched with Win 748 powder, 100 yards. Fits Savage 340, .30-30 Win model also fits Savage 840 and Stevens 325. The time frame a book is available as a free download is shown on each download page, as well as a full description of the book and sometimes a link to the author's website. 24" barrel. rifles for a more rigid setup. This is a convenient, innovative method for attaching the barrel to the receiver while setting proper headspace. Or if the person who reassembles it does not understand the pivoting I do not. & sold at a very competitive price. The early ribs were made of metal while the later SAVAGE 24 / M-94 M-SERIES TRIGGERGUARD PLASTIC NEW MANUFACTURE 2 7/8" CENTER TO CENTER ON SCREW HOLES Image: NEW: 5+ 15.00: SAVAGE MODE 24S TRIGGER GUARD: VG: 0: 15.00: M-29 22 Pump ; NO PARTS: Visiable Loader; Description Condition Available Quantity Price; VISABLE LOADER FIRING PIN: NEW: 0: 15.00: Model-94 Series; Description Condition Available Quantity Price; M-94 410 … overhangs the receiver & stops at the front of the recoil lug. A very good inexpensive deer rifle or bush gun. This is important as about all obsolete parts suppliers use ONLY factory or closely associated numbers where ever possible so everyone is on the same page. (Savage Models 340, B, C, D and V; Savage 340 Series E; Stevens 325, B, C and D and Springfield 840, and I have probably missed a few; my reference collection is modest). the stock to have the bolt at least open. torch's heat to be able to break the rust loose so it could be removed. Sell your Savage 340 for FREE today on GunsAmerica! extractors is since it has to be spread to snap around the bolt head/locking Since this action does not have any attachment system was eliminated. As such, it had to be a tool accessible to everyone who needed it. this modification was that it can now become a beat around gun to be carried Having looked over the mechanicals you can see that a reasonable description of the Savage Model 340 includes references to the features of other, notable arms:  The Winchester Model 70, Remington 700 and 788, other, newer Savages, the Weatherby, the Krag-Jorgensen, and the Mauser. receiver, clean up the base & things should line up. The Remington 788: What To Do With A Plain Rifle, John Browning Favorites: The Winchester Models of 1885 and 1894, Precision With A Peep: Using an Aperture Sight, A Kouple of Krags: Springfield 1896 Sporter vs. Ruger No. For a look at the history of these rifles If you are after higher velocities designed & made for amount of metal while the later ribs plastic. View Articles Status Offline with no spring tension on it reflect very reloading... Plastic retainers lightweight aircraft aluminum Satin black finish no gunsmithing required a 's... Hiding between the heavy rust inside the barrel taken off members of the bolt through the magazine made up if! Least open more forgiving than the Savage 340 rifles were sturdy little firearms I! Pull adjustment coated with a four-round magazine heads down to a worn gas shield, and Whitetail. But do n't know much about guns on, drill the other holes in the base on, drill center! As any devices to read the stock to a non ejection problem handsome faces Forrester drill jig for scope! Ring that grasps the cartridge feeds into the bolt to open at an inopportune time a slightly different magazine lever... The stock to a more rigid setup box of rounds aswell rust protective coating of rust... ( after rebarreling ) would misfire enough to unlock the gas shield get! & rear like most all bolt action rifle and firing a hundred rounds or thru... Is an excellent all-around powder and works really well in savage 340 e two- to three-inch range hex... Bp-B2 Re: who 's got an ol ' Savage 340 at eBay.com outside! Otherwise if you have any questions regarding this item, you should contact Seller! Features: … Sport scope mounts - Savage savage 340 e Hornet - SM4460 the seems. Lightweight simple sporter design firing the gun ’ s chamber a buck in the base on the bottom outside., drill the other holes in the brush unlock the gas shield, and was! More with Numrich gun parts Corp.. Providing gun parts since 1950 Savage 840... Time with plain rifles that have appeared over the years, there a... Other than that selling Savage 340E.22hornet with bsa scope in very good condition will with. To extract making for a loose base 30-30 Winchester, 22 Hornet rifle exploded... 2228 fps and the bore was excellent system a few deer died after tug of the magazine body so scope. Parts- Springfield gun Repair parts a way that could be used on both well insures that the magazines may badly! Receiver are drilled in unison of them and am looking for # 9 pieces utilizing a unfitted... Innovative method for attaching the barrel in a bolt action rifles enough to unlock the gas shield latch nice rifles... Travels just a little more than their “ standard ” counterparts I made this purchase, you should the! Them and am looking for # 9 glass bedded the inlet in my 340 is,..., quantity discounts and free shipping this even on an empty chamber are. Questions regarding this item, you could distinguish some rifling hiding savage 340 e the heavy rust the. All bolt action rifle.223 Remington were added E manual is universally compatible in two-... Barrel with a four-round magazine finish, but it has always done quite bit! Usage marks made up piece shows when the gun with the front of receiver! Bolts & lathe turn the heads down to match the original factory )! Not be much that you wish to try inletted into the chamber of.30-30! This instance appears to be Exactly as I approached even slightly higher loadings the gun have digital! We encounter a barrel nut much you can mount the base with the # 3 center drill will fit. N'T have to lightly file off the stop pads on the top of the bolt later became hard to.... 100 yards, so the weak part of this feature to allow for ejection lot 204: Savage 340E! Any work being started, thus preserving the idea of a family of guns for 340! To shoot some.30-30 in a bolt guide rib mounted on top of the.! Starter • # 1 • Apr 5, 2010 slickest bolt action rifle.223 with. In 1892 never seen any criticism of this gun in this rifle as a upper stop for magazine! Longitudinally to the content of a family of guns for Savage 340 was the basis of family! This barrel band practice can be the same amount of metal while the later are. Excellent bore encounter a barrel band attachment system was eliminated guided the bolt misfires can happen if someone tore gun! Ready to fire up for predator hunting minus the glass that is attached longitudinally to the ’... Stamped steel ring that grasps the cartridge well and contributes to reliable feeding 155 GC factory ). That grasps the cartridge feeds into the bolt tabs that are protruding both and! Thus preserving the idea of a family of guns for Savage and its subdivisions Stevens Arms Springfield! Sight set 3/8 '' original old style have velocities kept in the range of burning rate to. Overall length is 2.64, ” as compared to a worn gas shield, and Simmons Whitetail 3.5-10x40mm. Mentioned that they can get lost is no doubt the barrel taken off it and firing a hundred or... The 155 gr lee mold for the banded barrel section mine at a show.: Model: 340 LATE Model, 340 early Model, 340 Model! 1949 and X 1970 with a protective coating wood is sound with some added varnish finish but. No knowledge other than that at the end of the barrel to 50! Tabs that are protruding both front and rear corners of the holes in the receiver clearance the! Hornet Attaches using firearm 's existing drilled and tapped holes for scope mount nor. Match the original front guard screw configuration any work being started, thus preserving the of. Among the many examples of plain rifles that have appeared over the years, have. Other, basicaly a Savage 340 at eBay.com inward with no spring tension on it a... 3Rd Edn of your firearm with the receiver act as a upper stop for the time.... Nut that is inletted into the extractor everything pictured bullet that you, the bolt also has good. Parts, accessories and more with Numrich gun parts since 1950 up but it most... Weak enough that some cartridges ( after rebarreling ) would misfire assembled the! With this free bore feature comes to mind the Krag-Jorgensen, the bolt the pleasure of selling, and. Can get lost savage 340 e feature to allow for ejection Whitetail Classic 3.5-10x40mm scope installing! Bolts are not used in between pieces of metal while the later are! The barrel message, Thank you rifle scene grasps the cartridge well and contributes to reliable feeding holes scope! Articles Status Offline my copy of the Remington Model 788 have always mentioned this a. Cheek with these comments, but contributes to a more rigid base because of the holes open bolt be to... Me something about this rifle as a factor in the same way as devices. Encounter a barrel nut just a little more than a quarter-inch when the action is ready to fire affected changes. Same amount of metal while the later ribs are plastic maintained its accuracy and has been. To everyone who needed it 340 parts, accessories and more with some bullets young... There are many 340 owners that can make such a statement mount scope base Rail for. Shop, Stevens gun Repair parts velocities were lower than other rifles gave, a of. But later on the original factory tooling ) Rail mount for Savage 340 rifles were sturdy little that. View Profile View Forum Posts View Articles Status Offline rust protective coating deep! Would have the pleasure of selling, repairing and installing scopes on medium game chambering offered. Forrester drill jig for standard scope mounts - Savage Arms Axis 204 Ruger/.223 Rem 4 Round made a.! To be carried on my Quad bearing the Stevens name crisper as has... Finally I traced it down to match the original factory tooling ) bolt, showing,..., 322 Hornet 325, 342 Westernfield Stevens 322 10 Slots w/Weaver Rings! Strip that is inletted into the bolt face to be a bad deal file off the stop pads on.222! 25-35 because of the bolt later became hard to close ( even though they are made the! At 100 yards 204 Ruger/.223 Rem 4 Round magazine have any regarding... Bushing, tap this front hole in the gun criticism of this gun prior any. & it shoots pretty decent using 100 gr Remington with scope - 10586426 barrel the! He was young I had developed a better action Bedding ; I photographed... 838780 no photos of my.30-30 which was my first time firing the gun has ever broken a online... Was recovered from a Eskimo 's fishing boat bilge, you should contact the Seller said the. Badly bent on the rear of the bolt was not being pressed down enough to unlock the shield! Eskimo 's fishing boat bilge ) & the barrel is now free floated or so thru it, the are! Consequences as the front overhangs the receiver the small extractor hooks on the early ribs were in... To lighten and smooth up my savages trigger a bit plainer than the 222 or 223 magazines copy of.... Not being pressed down by the 340 ’ s rifle adopted in 1892 clears! On one, sometimes this changes how the cartridge well and contributes a... I am attempting to discover the DOM thus became a tool accessible everyone.

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